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Estamos viviendo muchos cambios, en un mundo actual más tecnológico, donde el misterio de la naturaleza como generadora de valores, alegría infinita, cansancio, amistad, silencio, y un sin número de emociones. Nos hace ver que es aquí, con una forma más básica, en nuestra manera​ ​de viajar, que encontramos nuestros mejores dones humanos.

CARLOS ZARATE "AVENTURAS", es el nombre de nuestra empresa familiar, somos un gran equipo humano. Al que de alguna manera los Andes Peruanos, como común denominador, nos marcó desde pequeños, un rumbo claro a nuestros sueños. La Cordillera de los Andes, que atraviesa muchas Regiones peruanas nos invitaron a caminar por sus valles y cañones, su altiplano con Montañas de Glaciales sus hermosos Volcanes, algunos en Actividad.





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La Mejor temporada de ascencion es de Abril a Diciembre. De Enero a Marzo, hay muchos dias de niebla y posibles lluvias o nieve, por las tardes.

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Tenemos las mejores caminatas por sitios simplemente impresionantes.

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La Mejor experiencia vivida por sitios que dejan un recuerdo inolvidable

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"The Volcanic Mountain Range", in the South of Peru, is well known for its beautiful volcanoes, such as the Misti Volcano, Ubinas and Sabancaya with fumarolic activity, or climbing its snow-capped mountains of more than 6,000 m. like the Chachani, the Hualca Hualca, Ampato or the Coropuna, they are a challenge for the mountaineers; some do not offer much technical difficulty, but it is important to have an adequate acclimatization. The best access for all these mountains is the city of Arequipa. Here we have an office implemented to serve our Clients; Our Travel Agency is specialized in Mountain activities we have Professional Guides with UIAGM certification. The climate for the ascents of medium difficulty, is favorable between April to December, and for the easy mountains, it is possible to raise them all the year.

Peru is a country with a lot of ancestral culture. Before the Incas there were other cultures that populated this territory. The Incas improved the administration in many of these places and left great works of agricultural engineering and temples to their gods. In Carlos Zarate Aventuras, we offer you guided tours to little known places, walk along old roads and explore the mountains where the Incas made offerings. As a visit to the tomb of the Juanita mummy in the snow-covered Ampato, or the Pichu Pichu platform, where bodies of children offered to the Apus (mountains) were found. In the area of ​​the desert and high plateau, we have several places with archaeological remains, such as the Petroglyphs of Toro Muerto, the caves of Sumbay and Mollepunko, etc. Many of them have not yet been deeply studied. The places where they are located will give us much to think, for the work done. These represent an important cultural attraction for the visitor, and our guides will take them to visit them. For Archeology, Film, Television and Sports teams, we have all the field logistics, necessary, so that they can develop their projects. To know more about our trekking routes visit:

Rock Climbing and canyoning: In Peru as well as in the region of Arequipa, we have different places where we practice mountain climbing and sports, likewise 20 minutes from the city, we have a school zone with walls of 10 to 80 m in height, with different difficulty. At the side of the Chili River, 30 minutes away, we have the Charcani area, where there are several routes of different difficulty, we have mountain guides, professionals in this type of adventure activities. In the area of Calambucos we have a Canyoning equipped route, with 5 waterfalls of different height, that we cross with the support of ropes and "Rappel" Techniques, ideal for a day full of adrenaline. For lovers of climbing, in the Arequipa Region, we have suitable areas to practice this sport.

Canotage Rio Chili

Canotaje or Rafting in the Rivers of Arequipa, we have some areas, in the rivers of the Pacific Basin, such as the Colca, Cotahuasi, Majes and Chili that have the right conditions to perform this type of activities, these rivers have different degrees of difficulty . The suitable dates to practice these crossings are from May to December, which are the months in which the Flows, of the rivers are not dangerous. Our Agency organizes this type of activities with all the security that our clients deserve. We work with a team of professionals in this type of Adventure Tourism activities.

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We are experiencing many changes, in a more technological world today, where the mystery of nature with

or generator of values, infinite joy, fatigue, friendship, silence, and a sin

number of emotions. It makes us see that it is here, with a more basic form, in our way

to travel, we find our best human gifts.

CARLOS ZARATE “ADVENTURES”, is the name of our family business, we are a great team. To somehow the Peruvian Andes, as common denominator, marked us from a small, a clear course to our dreams. The Cordillera de los Andes, which crosses many regions of Peru, invited us to walk through its valleys and canyons, its highlands with Glacier Mountains and its beautiful Volcanoes, some in activity.

We are also a country with history and a lot of ancient culture, where we see its great constructions and we hear its legends of the inhabitants of the Ande. All this baggage of emotions and knowledge is the one that we offer today, in the trips by deserts, the high mountains, in the canyons and in the different Peruvian regions.

As a company specializing in Adventures, we carefully design and organize all of our programs. Making your visit an experience. We have the experience of preparing tailor made trips, in different Peruvian places and in different activities of adventure tourism

Time passes and our world changes, but our spirit always invites us to explore, in the most isolated corners of our great country. ACCOMPANY US