Es una empresa especializada, que ofrece servicios Turísticos con experiencia, seguridad y profesionalismo para que usted disfrute de los paisajes de Arequipa, subir sus montañas y volcanes, explorando lugares de especial belleza, atravesando sus cañones, y otras rutas espectaculares. Para facilitar su aventura, nosotros tenemos vehículos 4×4, bicicletas de Montaña, equipo logístico de calidad, para trekking y montaña, para que disfrute el viaje con el confort y seguridad que Ud. se merece.

Nosotros tenemos organizada una oficina apropiada y hemos formado un equipo de profesionales en sus campos, para ayudarlo y acompañarlo en su visita.



"The Volcanic Range" in southern Peru, is popular for its beautiful volcanoes, like the Misti, and Sabancaya Ubinas with fumarolic activity, or upload their peaks of over 6,000 m. as Chachani, Ampato or Coropuna, some do not offer much technical difficulty, but it is important to proper acclimatization. Better access for all is the city of Arequipa.

Weather for ascents of medium difficulty, it is favorable from April to December, and the easiest, you may upload the whole year.



In the area we have several places with archaeological remains, such as Toro Muerto petroglyphs, caves and Mollepunko Sumbay etc.. Many of them have not yet been studied deeply. The places where they are Located give us much to think about, for work done. These represent an important cultural attraction for visitors.



We in Arequipa, different routes for this activity, like walking the countryside, the Colca Valley and Cotahuasi, with a well equipped bike, and good quality, help us to perform a good physical activity.



The variety of Flora and Fauna found in the region and especially in the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca, Colca Canyon and Cotahuasi is an important visit, herds of vicuna, up to 3 varieties of flamingos, and without number of small and large birds where the king is the condor, flying around the edges of the canyon, we see an entire flying experience.



In the region we have different places where Sport climbing is practiced, also 15 minutes from the city, we have a school zone with walls 10 to 100 m level, with varying difficulty.

Also here we have a route equipped Canyoning, with 5 waterfalls of different heights, which supported the cross strings and Techniques "Rappel", ideal for a day of adrenalin.



There are many routes that cross deserts, highlands, and different inter-Andean valleys, where there are beautiful and picturesque villages. These are tested to road vehicles used and the expertise and experience of our drivers.



At the national and international level (Bolivia, Chile and Argentina), or for Trekking Mountain Aconcagua, Ojos del Salado, Sajama, Parinacotas, etc..



Rivers, Colca, Majes and Chili are appropriate for this type of activities with varying degrees of difficulty conditions. Suitable dates are from May to November, which are the months when river flows are not dangerous.



The best trekking routes are the pre-Hispanic ways, or offering different ecosystems, varieties of flora, fauna, and natural scenery, with the background of snowy mountains, as the route of the Origin of the Amazon, impressive canyons, so deep as the Colca and Cotahuasi routes through archaeological remains and typical villages and picturesque mountains. The duration ranging from 3 to 10 days and can be done almost all year.