About Us

We are living many changes, in a more technological current world, where the mystery of nature
as a generator of values, infinite joy, fatigue, friendship, silence, and a
number of emotions. It makes us see that it is here, with a more basic form, in our way
to travel, we find our best human gifts.
CARLOS ZARATE “ADVENTURES”, is the name of our family business, we are a great human team. To which in some way the Peruvian Andes, as a common denominator, marked us from childhood, a clear path to our dreams. The Cordillera de los Andes, which crosses many Peruvian regions, invited us to walk through its valleys and canyons, its high plateau with mountains of glaciers, its beautiful volcanoes, some in activity.
We are also a country with history and a lot of ancient culture, where we see its great constructions and listen to its legends of the inhabitants of the Andes. All this baggage of emotions and knowledge is what we offer today, in the trips through deserts, the high mountains, in the canyons and in the different Peruvian regions.
As a company specialized in Adventures, we carefully design and organize all our programs. Making your visit an experience. We have the experience of preparing tailor-made trips, in different Peruvian places and in different adventure tourism activities
Time passes and our world changes, but our spirit always invites us to explore, in the most isolated corners of our great country. ACCOMPANY US